In July 2017, fellow historian Sean Trainor and I started a podcast titled “Impolitic.” We are close friends from graduate school who always enjoyed getting together for lunch to talk about history, culture, and politics over giant helpings of fried rice at the Big Bowl Noodle House in downtown State College. Now we live in different states, but we wanted to continue that tradition of friendly disagreement.

Sean is a socialist and I am a libertarian. We believe that civil conversation between people with opposing ideologies is unfortunately uncommon in American political discourse today. That we are friends helps us remember not to caricature each other’s positions and to extend the benefit of the doubt to each other’s motives. Plus, it’s boring to only talk to those with whom you already agree!

If you enjoy podcasts discussing current events and big ideas, look Impolitic up on iTunes, Google Play, orĀ Stitcher.